Why Duality?

Duality is the concept of two opposing forces that are constantly at odds. It’s the story of good and evil, peace and war, right and wrong. In the sports world, athletes have to be ruthless on the field. Things come natural and the steps taken on the field are second nature. They must remain laser focused, relentless, and unwavering. Off the field, we see the opposite. Entrepreneurship, philanthropy, education. Better human beings, building a better tomorrow. Those forces all come together to create an elite athlete and our goal is to provide the tools to further that success.

Core Values

Champion's Mentality

We strive to be the best at what we do and we take steps to be the best in everything we do.

Embrace the Future

Technology is ever changing and improving. Failure to adapt leads to lost opportunities and we will remain at the forefront of all advancements.

Foundation Building

At the core of everything we do, we create foundations for success. Whether an athlete goes pro or the universe has other plans, we prepare our clients for whatever challenges might arise.

We are the Marketplace

Through our strategic partnerships and relationships we can solve any issue an athlete may face. 

Creating a New Industry Standard

The industry standard is a floor, not a ceiling. Just because something has been done for years doesn't mean it isn't time for a change. Like our athletes are making a lasting impact on their respective sports, we are constantly evolving and breaking down barriers. 

Unique Personalities Require Custom Solutions

Every athlete is different and there’s no template solution or strategy. We assess each athlete’s strengths, personality, and goals to create a custom plan for success.

Our Team


Jace Williams

Principal/Lead Agent

Josh Andrews

Principal/Lead Legal Counsel

Hunter Davis

Agent/FIFA Football


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