Duality Sports Management offers complete and comprehensive representation, using a boutique approach to ensure each client receives the attention they need to be successful. Our job is to build your brand, maximize your revenue, and create opportunities so you can focus on results on the field.

We work to provide guidance in all areas of life for our clients. Whether it's on or off the field, we are constantly working to develop new and creative solutions to help you succeed.

College athletes in particular run the risk of being taken advantage of by companies who may look to offer unfavorable deals to inexperienced negotiators. Our goal is to make sure our clients aren't sacrificing long-term earnings without first weighing all of their options. 

With our extensive experience in negotiating contracts and handling intellectual property, we are prepared for any challenge and issue that may arise. We are relentless in obtaining the maximum compensation for our clients and will push to secure the best deals possible for our clients.

The new NCAA name, image, and likeness (“NIL”) policy allows amateur athletes to monetize their personal brand. While the space is constantly evolving and you’ll often hear it called the “Wild West”, we are at the forefront of groundbreaking deals and continue to stay on top of new policies, trends, and best practices.

Our goal is to assist and empower our clients to drive revenue and capitalize on their earning potential through their passions. With the relationships we have in the sports marketing world, we canvas a wide variety of brands and are actively searching for opportunities that each client is excited to work with. We work with all collegiate sports and are ready to help create brand opportunities no matter the game.

We focus on creating in-depth, personalized marketing plans for all of our clients. Once an athlete signs with Duality Sports Management, we assess the client’s current brand to develop unique and strategic marketing strategies designed to grow name brand recognition and increase social media presence. 

We actively seek and pursue endorsements for our clients and whether it’s shoes, apparel, technology, or other outlets, we are always on the hunt for new opportunities. Duality Sports Management advises and assists clients in the building and maintenance of their social media networks across all platforms. We also maintain an active social media presence where we highlight our clients and further their brand presence.

We also encourage our clients to participate in charitable and socially conscious activities to give back to their local community. We strongly believe in community involvement and are prepared to assist in foundation development, event planning, media awareness, fund raising, and any other charitable program in order to achieve this objective.

Our team consists of multiple attorneys prepared to tackle any legal challenge you may face. Whether it’s starting or investing in your first business, taking your brand to the next level, or handling a dispute, our team will be ready. We also have an extensive network of professional relationships who can assist with tax guidance, financial advisement, training, and nutrition. If there’s anything we can't handle, we will make sure you have the best expert for your circumstances.

In today’s sports world earning potential can be limited to a relatively short period of time. As a result, Duality Sports Management encourages and facilitates the strategic planning of post-career activities for our clients. From the beginning, we work with our clients to assist in building relationships and business contacts that will help ease the transition from the playing field to the business arena.

This proactive approach allows us to help our clients focus on off-season opportunities, networking, and educational readiness. We will continue to work with the client through retirement and after to ensure a productive and fulfilling secondary career.